SIGMA Auction – SIGMA’s Newest Division

Mar 30, 2021

SIGMA Group announces their new auction division

Evansville, IN: After years of working in the auction industry, SIGMA Group announced today that their company has expanded and will now be offering auctions under a dedicated division, SIGMA Auction. This new SIGMA division will continue the steady growth of brands SIGMA Group now offers. This new brand comes from the demand and need for an uncomplicated and straightforward method of buying and selling used equipment.

SIGMA Auction is an online and facility auction service that offers a new way for customers in the packaging and processing industries to buy and sell used equipment at competitive prices. SIGMA’s auctioneers are able to provide unmatched insight into the auction market by utilizing a vast network of industry experts, years of experience, and extensive knowledge in the resale value of equipment.

“Expanding the SIGMA name with a new division gives our company the opportunity to display the data and knowledge we have gained from working in this industry over the past 17 years,” says Rob Palmer, Owner at SIGMA. “I am excited for what is to come from introducing SIGMA Auction and the services it will provide for our customers.”

SIGMA Auction offers a variety of selling methods so that customers can find the option that best suits their needs. Our SIGMA Facility Consignment Auction is the perfect solution if a customer needs to immediately free up space and sell their idle equipment with minimum effort required. The other option we offer is Remote Consignment Auction. This method gives the customer the flexibility of selling the piece while storing it at their facility. The customer will continue to store the equipment at their facility until it is sold at the auction, then they will load the equipment for shipment to the buyer. These are just a couple of examples of the many ways SIGMA can partner with their auction customers.

To learn more about SIGMA’s new offering, SIGMA Auction please visit its website to get in contact with one of our expert auctioneers.

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