SIGMA Group’s Randa Doleh Named Chief Information Officer

Jan 4, 2024

[Evansville, Ind. January 4, 2024]: SIGMA Group, in Evansville, IN, announces Randa Doleh as its Chief Information Officer

With a distinguished seven-year tenure as the Business Systems and Analytics (BSA) Director, Randa Doleh spearheaded significant collaborations between the BSA team and SIGMA Surplus, leading strategic efforts to modernize systems, leverage technology, and revamp inventory listings throughout 2023. These initiatives have positioned SIGMA Surplus for substantial growth in the upcoming year. Consequently, Doleh will now helm the joint BSA and Surplus teams as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for SIGMA Group.

“This transition not only marks a milestone for Surplus but also signifies a pivotal step in Randa’s career as she moves into an elevated leadership role,” said Company President Rob Palmer. “We are confident that her vision and capabilities will contribute significantly to the continued success of both BSA and Surplus.”

Utilizing her experience as the BSA Director and senior appraiser for SIGMA Appraisal, Doleh’s leadership and strategic insight align perfectly to propel SIGMA Surplus toward achieving its targeted revenue growth. This is especially crucial as Surplus evolves into a pivotal player within The SIGMA Group’s eCommerce sector. 

“I’m honored to take on this new opportunity and further elevate SIGMA’s systems and e-commerce companies like SIGMA Surplus,” said Doleh. “Seeing the growth and potential while working in that division this last year has been exceptional and I know that we will continue to make great strides in our offerings to both our buyers and our sellers.”

By bringing together the BSA and Surplus teams under Doleh’s leadership, SIGMA Surplus looks to emerge as a significant contributor to SIGMA Group’s revenue targets.

About SIGMA Group: Since its inception in 2003, SIGMA has worked with customers around the globe to address their manufacturing equipment needs. Composed of six distinct divisions, SIGMA Group offers a holistic approach to automation, from equipment and surplus components to auctions, asset management and appraisal, electronics recycling, data sanitization, logistics, and more. Learn more about our mission at

About SIGMA Surplus: SIGMA Surplus specializes in buying and selling spare industrial, electrical, and automation parts, ensuring swift restoration of production lines. Offering a wide array of parts from reputed brands, we provide same-day shipping for quick production resumption. Our convenient selling options aim to earn extra cash for unused parts, backed by 2-year warranties and exceptional customer service. Learn more about SIGMA Surplus at

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