SIGMA Appraisal

Your Guide to Used Equipment

SIGMA Appraisal offers reports and valuations that provide a deeper insight into your assets during instances such as determining resale value, insurance claims, leasing opportunities, and more. Our American Society of Appraisers (ASA) accredited appraisers take into account the equipment’s condition, market and auction trends, and the type of value being evaluated so that they can provide accurate, unbiased, and binding reports.

This accreditation and attention to detail are what makes our appraisals and valuations stand out amongst other analyses and why SIGMA is one of the most trusted names in the machinery and technical industries.

On-Site Appraisal

When our appraisers can inspect your equipment in-person, they have access to all of the elements that are needed to collect the necessary information and provide the most accurate valuation possible. This hands-on experience will supply you with a more detailed description of the exact conditions and present state of each asset along with high-definition photographs. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your assigned appraiser, who will thoroughly answer all of your questions about the appraisal process.


In addition to appraisals, SIGMA also offers valuations. The difference between an appraisal and valuation is that a valuation can only be conducted by a certified inspector who will provide a thorough report that includes a definitive price value.

Desktop Appraisal

Our appraisers will base their reports on the information given by the customer, but with that being said, our appraisals can only be as accurate as the information we have access to. While desktop appraisals are still accurate and reliable sources of data, we always recommend conducting a thorough on-site inspection of your equipment, whenever possible.

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