SIGMA Auction

Auctions that make buying and selling used equipment easy

SIGMA Auction makes buying and selling used equipment through the auctions process easy and can help you both find high-quality, yet affordable equipment and receive the highest return for your valued assets. We host online and facility auctions so that you can find a convenient way to buy or sell equipment that best suit your needs.

Since SIGMA has been a trusted name in the equipment industry for the past 17 years, we have built up an extensive network of thousands of buyers and sellers that work in a wide range of industry sectors. This makes it easy to connect interested buyers with motivated sellers. SIGMA’s auctions help buyers easily find the equipment pieces they need and also help buyers earn money and free up much-needed storage space.

SIGMA Facility Consignment Auction

With pieces from top companies and manufacturers, our consignment auctions make finding and selling equipment at great prices easier than ever. SIGMA’s consignment auctions give customers the convenience and flexibility to buy or sell their used equipment from anywhere in the world.

Remote Consignment Auction

SIGMA Auction’s remote auctions give you the choice to either store your equipment with us throughout the auction process or you may keep it at your location until it is sold. The ball is in your court, we’re just here to make things as easy as possible.

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