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SIGMA Integration

To stay ahead in the competitive production landscape, businesses need reliable processing and packaging lines that effectively manage high-volume demands. However, integrating lines requires significant time and financial resources that impedes production.

SIGMA Integration specializes in designing, installing and integrating these turnkey lines. And with our extensive in-house inventory of both new and pre-owned equipment, we eliminate lengthy lead times and financial constraints associated with ordering directly from an OEM.

The Integration team customizes each line to meet the client’s production metrics and desired throughput to unlock their production potential.

SIGMA Integration.

Integration of New and Used Equipment

Integration of New and Used Equipment.

At SIGMA, we prioritize our clients’ budgets, timelines and floor space. With the capability to seamlessly integrate both new and used equipment, we offer unparalleled customization and flexibility to our customers. Our readily available inventory allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget. And our wide range of options empowers us to design layouts that are precisely optimized for each client’s available floor space.

Project Management

SIGMA Integration Project Management.

SIGMA Integration boasts an effective project management system designed to keep clients well-informed and ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget. By comprehensive planning, scheduling and task assignment, we are able to set clear project goals, define timelines and establish milestones. Maintaining a strong line of communication with clients promotes transparency, eliminates potential confusion and ensures their expectations are met.

Mechanical & Electrical Design

SIGMA Integration's Mechanical and Electrical Designs.

The mechanical and electrical design phase is a pivotal step in the SIGMA Integration process, laying the foundation for a successful project. Our engineers meticulously plan the client’s line, uncovering the project’s best equipment and electrical components, and the optimal machine layout. This crucial stage helps eliminate mistakes, minimizes project downtime, and ensures a well-executed project and a high-performing production line.

Control Panel Building & Integration

Control Panel Build and Integration.

Our team understands the importance of a well-designed control panel that ensures dependable and efficient performance in real-world applications. We design, build and program customized panels to integrate all the pieces of a multi-equipment line into a single centralized control system. Our control panels help clients optimize the performance, safety and reliability of their production lines.

Training & Field Support

SIGMA's on-site training and field support.

After installing and integrating the production line at your facility, our team provides comprehensive training so your line operators experience a smooth transition. If any issues arise, we offer on-site support to troubleshoot the problem and get the issue resolved promptly. SIGMA Integration equips your team with the necessary training and offers field support to ensure your operation sustains long-lasting productivity.

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