C&I Electronics Recycling

Hassle-Free Disposal Solutions for Corporate Electronics

C&I Electronics Recycling.

C&I Electronics is an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) firm specializing in the safe and responsible disposal of corporate IT equipment through data erasure, destruction, electronic recycling, and reuse. We prevent data breaches and eliminate e-waste by securely decommissioning used IT assets and destroying all information contained within them. As an R2v3 certified provider, C&I’s services adhere to the highest standards in the electronics reuse and e-recycling industry to ensure your used electronics are managed responsibly and sustainably. C&I partners with corporations to implement a customized asset disposal strategy where they can potentially earn money back through revenue sharing.

Our ITAD solutions simplify the electronic disposal process, giving our partners a seamless and effortless experience.

Data Destruction

C&I's industrial electronics shredder.
Used IT equipment that’s deemed reusable undergoes Data Sanitization, a process that completely erases all information on a device. For clients seeking Physical Destruction, their data storage devices will be processed through our industrial electronics shredder.

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Disposition.

C&I offers our customers detailed and customizable reporting options. C&I can serialize each piece of equipment with your company’s unique asset-tracking system and property accounting reporting.

IT Asset Remarketing

C&I offers IT Asset Remarketing where partners can earn money back through revenue sharing.
Devices that go through the data sanitization process are then refurbished for remarketing. Those that qualify for our revenue-sharing program offer clients the opportunity to earn money back on their old assets.

On-Site Collection

C&I offers On-Site Collection.
C&I travels to locations throughout the Midwest to provide secure transportation back to our facility. If your facility sits outside the region, our logistics team can arrange transportation at the lowest cost possible.

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